Thursday, November 21, 2013

25 Things About Me: The Kirstyn Edition

I didn't realize I was resisting peer pressure by not doing one of these lists, but apparently I was...which is no longer the case since Kara decided the concept would make a nice little Compare & Contrast post. So here goes...something.  :-)

1. I am, in fact, a huge Harry Potter fan. And actually, it's not because magic is cool or anything like that; it's because JK Rowling is an incredibly talented author who has this entire magical world created in her head, and it's so well done that all the details jive. It's basically my awe of her mastery of her little world that keeps me fascinated with the series, which is really intricately done, if you read 1-7 and then go back and find all the details you entirely missed, or connections somebody else had to point out.  Seriously, it's incredible. (Just for the record, her two non-HP books are just as well done.)

2. I loathe cleaning bathrooms. Really loathe it, to a ridiculous degree. I can knock out both of our bathrooms in fifteen minutes flat, but it takes me an entire week to work up the self-discipline to get started on them. And then when I finally finish them, it was such a massive emotional effort that I feel like I've earned the entire rest of the day off.  Seriously, it's ridiculous.

3. With the exception of our guest rooms, our entire house is painted white. It's definitely not in fashion to not have color, but I like white. It's clean and neat and BRIGHT.  I offset it with small amounts of color- curtains, wall decor, etc.- but it's white. My kitchen walls are white AND the cabinets are all white. No regrets.  But I do love the contrasting red gingham curtains that make it a total country kitchen.

4. I'm with Kara-- rain is where it's at.  Snow is quiet and needs shoveled, and I really don't get "cozy" from it. Rain, though-- rain makes noise on the roof and windows and consciously forces you to feel cozy because you're not out in it.

5. I have a daunting book collection. I don't collect much, but I do collect books.

6. Unlike Kara, I had never had any career ambitions.  I resented having to ever work in the first place, because all I ever cared about was being a stay-at-home wife and mom. Fortunately I married a man who wants that for me too, and he didn't even insist I have kids first. :-)  I love it.

7. I didn't like gardening to start with, but I wanted to like it, so now I do, and each year I like it more.  I'm finding that a lot of things in life are that way: if you decide to like something, or become something, you will. I've done the same with cooking.  Now I need to figure out how to apply it to cleaning bathrooms...

8. My all time favorite series is Anne of Green Gables.  Yes, even over Harry Potter.  I can't even count how many times I've read it.  It's not the story lines I like so much as the narration itself; the author adds in all these pithy little insights to things, and scatters dry humor all over, and I just never get tired of them.  And I have an Anne quote for just about any situation.

9. I have the world's worst short term memory.  And this isn't an excuse for stuff- it's a legitimate, annoying, handicap. (Maybe I was dropped as a child.) I can never win an argument.  I'm pretty sure half the time Rob just makes up stuff to win because he knows I can never remember for sure if it's accurate or not.

10. I'm a quasi-history buff.  I used to be a big fan- as in, majored in- but since college my interest has declined a bit.  It's still there, but it's over-ridden with more relevant interests, like nutrition.

11. This might be a female thing in general, but it's true of me, which I find equally hilarious and ridiculous: as long as Rob tells me I'm right, I really don't care who wins the argument.

12. I love dogs, which is why I don't have one. (Well, labs. I love labs.)  I hate seeing dogs living their lives locked within four walls and going out of their minds with boredom, only to have their owners come home tired from work and ignore them. Until we have a few acres and a job for it to do (which can come in a lot of forms, so this isn't quite as restrictive as it seems) we won't be getting a dog. I plan to borrow Harley for periodic fixes- she really is a doll.

13. Kara's right, 25 is a lot.

14. I'm a total hermit, which frequently goes by the more politically correct term, "introvert".  I'm not a people person except in very small groups or one-on-one, and I actually dread invites to large events. (Remember how I got married in a courthouse?!) It's an ongoing struggle to balance not offending other people with my own strong dislike for crowds.

15. I have a horrible weakness for mocha breves. They cost a lot. So since I'm a hermit and I literally don't leave the house 5-6 days a week, I usually decide that my errand day (once a week at most) is breve day. Not only does it taste amazing, but it makes me totally capable of dealing with crowds of people all day (see #14).

16. Back to books-- I have a thing for the classics. I have read and own some modern stuff, but by and large, the older a book, the more chance I'll like it. I tend to disagree with the mentalities that modern books are written with, so the story lines inevitably irritate me. I like classics both for their content and for the quality of their makes my brain work a little bit, so I feel like it isn't atrophying.

17. I love Christmas season, but I have no idea why.  We don't do the gifts deal, and half the time we skip the big dinner too, but the season itself is my favorite, and I love the music. It's just a very cozy season.

18. My family's all laughing at me for it, so I might as well own it: I am way more enamored with my squishy little nephew than I ever would have predicted possible.

19. I hate shopping, but I love having shopped. There is a difference.

20. More than half of our food budget every month is spent on dairy. It's a little ridiculous.

21. Organization isn't just a preference for me, it's crucial. When my surroundings are chaotic, it messes with my head and I get overwhelmed. When they're neat, I can take on the world. 

22. I'm not a fan of boots, so I buy a new pair every year hoping this will be the year I finally find a pair I like. 

23. I'm a fan of old fashioned. Oftentimes this makes sense (saves money, is better for you, etc.) but I've also been known to do things the old fashioned way just BECAUSE it's old fashioned. I'm under no obligation to be consistently rational; I have a husband for that.

24. I strongly dislike our society's descension into icons instead of words. I always feel like we're headed back into the Dark Ages, when shops would have pictures on their signs instead of words because nobody could read.

25. If you couldn't tell, Kara's super laid back and I take everything uber-seriously.  We've decided we're both okay with what we are since there's pros and cons to both traits...but it's a good thing we're doing this blog together, to balance each other out.  :-)


  1. scary how many I can relate to :)

    1. ...and that's why we're friends. Love it. :-D

  2. Love your list, love :-) (And yes, I get your point about pictures v. words, but I still like emoticons.) ;-) :-p :-D

    1. I wasn't bashing on emoticons as much as phone icons (and ipad icons, so it's not just a small screen thing). I have no clue what each one means, but if they'd just use words like they USED to...

    2. I read somewhere that preschoolers age 3 ish can recgonize up to 50 different logos and have opinions on them.

  3. Have you read "The Girl of the Limberlost?"

    1. Yes...and all of the rest by that author. :-) My favorite is Laddy, then Freckles, then Girl of the Limberlost! I wonder why her Girl one is the best known when she has so many others?

  4. Umm. you missed number 25. I was really getting into it:) I am still laughing. I can see you still so thrilled when we all left the house (see #14) in HI.

    1. I re-added #25...weird, I had it on there initially. Glad you got a giggle out of it. :-)