Friday, November 15, 2013

Baby Wade!

Turns out, I posted Wednesday's post (things I would miss about pregnancy) just in time! That afternoon around four, contractions started hitting. Of course, having had so many false alarms, I didn't think much of it, and went ahead making dinner. It wasn't until about five, when I had to stop cooking and start bouncing on an exercise ball every five minutes, that I realized this could be the real deal.

I called my midwife around six and told her what was going on. She wasn't terribly concerned at that point, and recommended I go to bed early that night and get as much sleep as possible, figuring I wouldn't need to come in to the birth center until the next morning. I tried to follow her advice. I really did. I managed to sleep from about 9-12, but at that point they got to the stage where each one made me want to punch someone. I really like Tanner, so I decided that was a good time to get up.

I tried taking a bath, but the thing about baths is that in order to relax the muscles you want to get relaxed, you have to be able to get completely covered by water. As our tub is both short and shallow (with a drain that leaks, to boot), it didn't do much. So a-pacing I went! I watched some Netflix, and about the time I couldn't focus on what was happening on My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding, I called the midwife again. I'd been timing the contractions at this point, and they were about 90 seconds long, three minutes apart. In translation,  whole lot of ouch. When I told the midwife that, she immediately went into overdrive! "Oh! Well how soon can you be at the birth center?"

Uhh, ten minutes ago, please.

We ended up getting there around 1:30, where they checked me out and discovered I was 6cm dilated. They went ahead and broke my water then, which, of course, made the contractions worse. Wahoo. Thankfully, the birth center had the bathtub I wished I had--basically a swimming pool with jets. I stepped in and was in heaven. Until the next contraction, that is. After about five minutes, they checked me again to see what kind of effect the water breaking had had. Quite a bit, it turned out, as I was now at an 8! I was assured that I probably wouldn't progress that fast the last two centimeters, but when I was checked again (five minutes later) I was ordered out of the tub in a hurry, because apparently my child thought otherwise and had already begun his descent! Seventeen minutes later I was eight pounds lighter and was holding the sweetest baby boy known to mankind!

Basically, I had the easiest delivery known to mankind, although, had you told me so while it was happening, I probably would have said something despicably rude in return. Or told a joke. Apparently I did that between pushes. I haven't the foggiest idea what I said, but each time I did, everyone laughed. Who knew that I would one day discover pain as a method of unleashing previously dormant senses of humor!
Anyway, it took just over an hour from the time we got to the center to holding baby Wade. I'm a little worried for next time, considering each consecutive kid is supposed to take less time than the previous one. If that's the case, I'm going to have to get Tanner trained for a home delivery!

After sleeping a few hours and being fed a super yummy breakfast, we were sent home with our little addition around 9:30. We spent most of the rest of the day catching up on the sleep we had missed out on that night and oogling at his adorable cheeks. Chubby babies are my absolute favorite...I'm so glad I got one of my own!

Harley has been completely intrigued by him, in a nosy, I-wanna-lick-and-cuddle-him sort of way. I'd imagine she's a little jealous, too, as she isn't allowed up on the furniture nearly as often as she would like anymore: baby occupation tends to take priority.

Anyway, I'm off to catch a bit of shut eye while Wade does the same. As cute as he is, nights aren't his strong point. He gets his first round of visitors this evening, though, in the form of my mom, Kirstyn, and little sister Stephanie! He doesn't seem to mind being cuddled, so it should be a fun weekend!


  1. Hurray for quick labors! They are the best......just be aware-the next one comes even faster! So glad all is well with your new one! Enjoy and get lots of sleep when you can!!
    Aunt Dalene

  2. My labor was a similar length with Ollie (although I ended up pushing for 3 hours, whee!), and only 3 1/2 total with Henry (and I think that would have gone faster if I hadn't gotten in the car to go to the birth center). So yes, be prepared to go in sooner with your next one! :) They say that in general your next labor is about half the length of the one before it.

  3. I'm wondering how such a cute little innocent baby ended up with a Bronco's hat on his head! Maybe I should start knitting?

  4. Love your detailed journey. That is so awesome and super congratulations!!:):)

  5. He sure is adorable!!! Wow, you DID have the easiest labor in history, but I wouldn't have been so rude as to say that while you were in the trenches :) Sure sounded delightful in comparison to mine - you got all the luck, girl!! So happy for ya'll, enjoy your munchkin!