Thursday, November 14, 2013

Broiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Meals that I can throw together in minutes when a certain husband comes home needing fed without warning are always cause for a victory dance.  Our go-to for several months has been ham and cheese quesadillas, and I have to say in all fairness that he ate a LOT of those- and honestly enjoyed them- but we have now reached the end of quesadilla season and are in  need of a new, quick, amazing lunch. Am I the only one who struggles to find dishes that fit into this category?  It really seems ridiculous that there aren't more of them out there, but we aren't a sandwich household, by and large, so the most popular option for a quick lunch is a no-go here.

But-- I discovered this amazing new hot sandwich that is super easy to throw together! Remember this post, when I crockpotted three chickens and pulled off the meat? Well, sometimes I shred it and freeze it for future use, but this time I left it in chunks and froze it in small portions.  And every couple days I pull one out to thaw, so that I can make broiled barbecue chicken sandwiches.  They're pretty amazing, and man-approved- although they might want two of them!

cooked chicken
barbecue sauce
cheese (we use cheddar)

Spread the bread lightly with butter (I'd typically say spread "heavily", but too much butter makes these a little soggy.)  Place under a broiler until browned.  (In our oven, this is 5 minutes.)  We only brown one side because too crusty of bread is hard to chew.  If you like both sides toasted, use a toaster; it'll be quicker.

Remove from broiler; set aside half of the bread on a plate and cover 
remaining bread with pieces of chicken.

Cover chicken with 2-3 T. of barbecue sauce, then top with a healthy layer of cheese.  We had shredded that needed used up, but slices would be much less messy.

Replace chicken and bread under the broiler and broil for 2-4 minutes, again depending on your broiler.  Keep an eye on it. Gooey and slightly toasted is your goal here.  

Add the last piece of bread and eat up!

What's your favorite quick lunch meal?  We could use a few more around here.  :-)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a post on the newest family addition: Wade Ryan!


  1. Phoebe LOVES bbq sauce on everything, so I shall have to try this out on her!

    1. Can't really blame I need to find a homemade bbq sauce recipe. :-)

  2. I sat down to read this while I ate my 'go to' meal! Baked potatoes - the handiest thing to have in your frig, especially when you live in the middle of spud fields and can likely get them before they put all that nasty powder stuff on them
    You can do anything with a baked potato - I especially like some browned bacon and onion and sometimes throw an egg on that.
    Tonight it was the onion and leftover taco meat. Imagination is your only limit!
    btw, I have a scrumptious bbq sauce if you'd like it and I can find it. Has lots of spices.