Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Happy late Thanksgiving! Hope everyone's was fabulous and full of more pie than they could eat and heaps of mashed potatoes and oodles and gobs of family (including your crazy Uncle Larry). That's basically how ours went, although, sadly, we don't have a crazy Uncle Larry.

Kirstyn was given the honor of hosting this year since she's prone to bouts of organizational frenzy. She was determined to have the traditional dinner that our family rarely does, and pulled it off with style! Alongside her super yum (pastured) turkey was ten pounds of the Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes (for eight people...she had just a few left over), green beans from her garden, sweet potatoes...the whole shebang! Of course we had to tease her a little bit--her OCD got a little out of hand, and she put the serving dishes on the table before they actually got filled to make sure they all fit and looked pretty at the same time. What's family for, if not a source of amusement?

We had a pretty small crowd this year with just eight of us. Besides Kirstyn and Rob, Mom was there, her cousin Roberta, our youngest sister Stephanie, Carson (a family friend), and Tanner, Wade and I. We also brought Harley with us, and between her and the munchkin, we effectively provided entertainment for all. I heard the words "I hold this!" many times from Kirstyn, in reference to Wade. Apparently cute cheeks cause all semblance of proper grammar to leave the building!

We stayed the night and had a "hen day" today while the boys went off and shot things and fiddled around with Rob's reloading equipment. We stayed home, went through four massive totes of baby clothes mom had come by, and Mom gave me the gift of a blissful two hour nap while she cuddled with Wade. Poor guy has been having some tummy troubles, but it was nothing Gammy couldn't fix! It was a wonderfully relaxing day.
Now Tanner and I are making the three hour trip back home (I write to you from the convenience of my smartphone...yay technology!) with a very tired puppy and a snoozing baby in the back seat. In true introvert style, I'm ready to be back in my own bed at my own house. Kirstyn is probably happy to get back to her introverty ways as well. That's the crazy thing about us weirdos: no matter how fun the party, we're always just as happy when its over!

Now that this particular holiday is behind us, bring on the Christmas music and all things minty and houses lit up all pretty and all sorts of baked goodies. I love this time of year.


  1. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! Now bring on the next one! I'm with you there!

    Betty Fig

  2. I love how you write :-) I can just picture it all. Thanks for sharing! We got to enjoy seeing two of Harley's sisters romp around around yesterday. I think I need a chance to hold Wade sometime soon too!

  3. I love how Kirstyn tested the dishes to make sure they would all fit. I just added the extra leaves in the table so I knew there would be plenty of space!

    1. But I didn't HAVE any more leaves, it was very important!! :-)