Saturday, November 30, 2013

Homemade Eggnog

The day after Thanksgiving...say, that's Christmas season, right? Or so general society insists. And part of the season is eggnog, although it's a drink with such a flavor that most folks either loathe it or love it. I'm stuck in the middle-- I like it enough to want a taste of it every year, but it's so strong/sweet that I can only take a sip or two before I'm good until the next year.

But this year I decided to go a different route: making my own. I found the recipe in the Little House on the Prairie series cookbook and it looked much simpler than I would have expected, so I decided to give it a whirl. Traditionally, eggnog has some sort of alcohol in it, but I wasn't particularly interested in that facet of it. What I did end up liking, very much, was that this was rich and creamy, but not sickeningly sweet.

The single catch to this recipe is that it uses raw eggs. I have no fear of raw eggs unless they come from the store, and I happily use our own in smoothies or this recipe. But I wouldn't recommend going raw egg unless you have a good source for eggs that are raised in a healthy manner. Alternately, there are eggs on the market that are pasteurized in the shell. I don't recommend them as a general thing, because just like raw vs. pasteurized milk, it kills a lot of nutrients.  BUT they should be a safe alternative if you can't get good quality eggs to use in raw form but would still like to try the drink.

If you're a person who has already experimented with eating raw eggs, I found out something interesting with this recipe. I've had raw eggs both with the white and without, and I usually got a stomach ache from the whites. I've read that whites are more difficult to digest, which is why cooking can be helpful. That doesn't help me personally, since I still have a hard time digesting cooked whites, but I found that whipped eggs whites (as in this recipe) sit just fine on my stomach. That was rather delightful to discover, because while most of the nutrients (and half of the protein) reside in the yolk, the other half of the protein is in the white, and I usually eat eggs specifically for that factor. If you pair the raw eggs with raw milk and cream, you have yourself a powerhouse of a protein drink, with all sorts of other nutrients besides. Next up is trying this with maple syrup; I think it'd give it a pretty good flavor, and be a leetle better for you than sugar.

Side note: eggs are good for you, don't fear them. I'll likely do a post on the cholesterol topic at some point in the future, but try not to worry about it if you can. Food in its natural form isn't something to fear.

Moving on; here's the recipe.

6 eggs, separated
1/2 c. sugar
4 c. milk
2 c. cream

Separate eggs into two bowls; a small one for the whites and a large one for the yolks.

Whisk the sugar well into the egg yolks, then add milk and cream while whisking.

Place in fridge.

Meanwhile, beat egg whites until they form soft peaks, then fold into the milk mixture.  Mix entirely or allow foam to sit on top.

Scoop into glasses and sprinkle with nutmeg.

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  1. Tried it. Yummy! Chantal keeps sneaking more...

  2. I'm going to be making this for Sean, he loves it!!! Oh, and I might be needing to borrow your Little House on the Prairie cookbook :)

    1. You're welcome to do's all sorts of fun. If Sean has any yen for hunting rabbits and other random types of game, it has all sorts of recipes for them. :-D

  3. I'm going to be making this for Sean, he loves it!!! Oh, and I might be needing to borrow your Little House on the Prairie cookbook :)