Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nursery Tour

I've had a few people, now, ask me for nursery pictures, and since it is at least most of the way done, I figured I'd just give you all a tour! Try as I might, I couldn't get any decent pictures of the whole room at once, so I just took some of the main focal points of the room!

First, the ugly brown chair! That's actually its name. Someday it may be reupholstered, at which point I'll have to find a more suitable term for it, but for now, it is ugly and brown and serves a purpose! I may eventually talk Tanner into helping me swap it for one of the living room recliners, but it'll take a lot of bribery, as the one I want in there is the one he's most attached to. Oh dear. Also in this shot is the cutesy little end table that I put together all by myself with the help of Tanner's drill. So far it hasn't fallen apart, but if it does, I'll blame it on its Kmart origins.

Then the closet! I decided that with three grey walls, we needed a pop of color, and, even though it's mostly covered up now, I absolutely love the green in there! Also, that massive collection of diapers makes me really excited every time I look at it (another huge thank you to everyone that came to my diaper shower a couple weeks back)!

It took me a while to figure out what to do about a dresser. Regular sized ones for baby clothes kind of bug me, because their onesies and pants and footie PJ's and itty bitty little socks aren't really big enough to stay in stacks on their own. So, I decided to go this route: a $30 cube thinggy-ding from Target (okay, this one was actually a hand-me-down from Shawna that got a coat of paint) with 10x10 cloth drawers, and it's working perfectly! So far. I suppose it has yet to be legitimately tested. Then of course, there's other cubes filled with books, and one for extra blankets and sheets! Currently I'm in the process of painting some crates to hang on the wall for some of that paraphernalia (I don't like it looking quite as busy as it does), but at the time of the picture taking, I hadn't even purchased them, so more on them in another post!

This, of course, is the crib...currently occupied by Sparkles the Elephant (so named at the daycare she came from). Best thing about it? It was free. Booyah. Our landlord at the old house came by to clean out the basement right around the time we were moving out, and told us that it was all ours if we packed it out of we did! Also note the blanket on the end made by yours truly? Not to toot my own horn, but beep-a-beep-beep-beeeeep!

This stripey wall is my pride and joy. Considering the time it took to do and the frustration on Tanner's part when he had to help me make sure they were all straight, it probably wasn't worth it. But it so is. I love my green stripey wall. Oh, and note the futon! Chalk one up for Craigslist--now we (kinda sorta) have two guest rooms! I was pretty excited to figure out a way to incorporate this, especially considering the company we plan to have over oughta be a full house, which, obviously, is the best kind!

I am really kind of proud of myself for the budget I did this whole room in. Most of the stuff I bought came from Craigslist, which meant it was a steal (namely the futon and the recliner that replaced Mr. Ugly Brown Chair in the living room). Honestly, the biggest expense was probably the paint, just because I had to buy three different colors. Yay for thrifty! Now I've got a cute nursery and I don't even have to feel guilty about it =D

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