Monday, November 4, 2013

Taggie Blanket!

Dude. Guys. I made something crafty today. And yesterday. And I'm gonna tell you all about it, so buckle up!

A while back I made the mistake of going into Joanne's to kill some time. Not the first time I've made this mistake, trust me, but somehow I still haven't learned. I walked out of said store with a yard of green minky stuff, a yard of Dr. Seuss fabric, and three spools of ribbon. I had a vague idea what was going to be done with it, but I knew in the back of my mind that it would probably end up in the basement in the graveyard of unfinished (rather, unstarted, in most instances) projects. But thankfully, yesterday I got bored enough to keep that from happening. Last night, I made a pretty cute baby blanket! Simple, but effective.

I had originally planned to incorporate some of the ribbon I got into it, but decided that would be a pain, and therefore opted out of that route.

But, since I still had a good sized chunk of minky left, as well as the three unopened spools of ribbon, I decided today to hike up my sleeves and actually do something about it. Hence, the Taggie.

I started out by trimming my scrap down to the biggest square I could ended up being about a foot square, which turned out to be a pretty nice size!

Then I cut out a whole bunch of strips of ribbon, each six(ish) inches long. You'll notice that I'm very exact when it comes to things like this. I expect everyone to be just as meticulous.

Then I folded each ribbon in half and pinned it to the top side of one piece of minky, edges out.

Then I decided this looked boring, so I switched it up a little...

...And wrapped the red ribbon around the green. I then noticed that this looked very Christmasy, said a mental "Bah humbug", and proceeded anyway. It'll be Christmas at least once in this thing's lifetime.

The blue helped immensely. Even though I cut them six inches long, just like the others, I decided to make them a little shorter. But of course, it would be too much work to cut them to length, so I just pinned them with a little tail sticking off the side. Ta-dah! Shorter.

Next, I placed my second square, top down, over the bottom one, and pinned it in place with the same pins I had used on the ribbons. It was a little time consuming, because I had to make sure I was keeping the ribbon in the right place as I pulled each pin out and then pinned it back together, plus another layer.

Then I sewed it all together, leaving a spot about two inches long open so I could turn it right side out again. Turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself! The only thing I didn't like about it was that the edges were loose and...I dunno...lumpy? It didn't feel finished, so...

I stitched around the edge to make it all lay flat. Can you guys tell the difference? I can, but I'm not sure if that's just because I'm a little over-particular or...

Anyway! That was my project for today. It took an hour or so, so my time after that had to be spent doing things that actually benefit humanity, like dishes. And Netflix.

By the way, Harley would like you to know that she is very perturbed that she can't play with the puppy in the mirror. Also, her favorite spot to sleep is on the couch along my leg with her face on my keyboard. This means that every time she twitches or swallows or breathes, my page minimizes, an error message pops up, or I find myself on some website in a foreign language.

My dog is more tech-savvy than I am.


  1. I love making taggies...super easy and quick results. :)

  2. Harley may so be quite preturbed that she cannot play with the beautiful taggie! Miss Marley LOVES tags. Looks very nice, btw. And yes, it looks better after the outside stitching was done :)

  3. Maybe its a mom thing... but what is the point in a taggie? I've never heard of them

    1. Ha ha ha, it MUST be a mom thing, because I asked her the same thing!!

  4. Well, I'm a mom four times over, and I have to ask, too -- What's a taggie for? Looks like you could hang it on a hook over the kitchen sink (but you don't need ten or twelve loops for that), keeping it handy for . . . wiping up spills? cleaning up dog messes? smudging greasy fingers? . . .

  5. Oh come on!! Its Pinterest thing! No legitimate use, but its cute anyway :-D It falls more under the mini-security blanket category, I think. Like if you don't want to haul around a bigger blanket, you take this. And I guess the taggies are just for little fingers to play with. Honestly, I think whoever came up with these was just bored and had fabric scraps on hand.

  6. Little babies love taggies! Your little guy will show all of you what a taggie is for before too long!

    Betty Figarelle

  7. You could now put a cord or two through the loops and pull it up into a bag to hold all the things you need for changing him, lay it out flat for the changing and the draw up the drawstrings to make your bag again. - Just don't leave it where he could hang or choke himself with it! Maybe that wasn't such a good idea after all.
    Jane S