Monday, December 23, 2013

Anniversary celebrations...of a sort...

So on Friday Rob and I turned three. We're not big into celebrating events, by and large. Birthdays get pretty ignored around our house, as do Christmas and Valentine's Day, but anniversaries-- those are something we earn, year by year, so we try to give them some extra credit when they roll around.

Of course, our version of celebrating might be different than the way other people celebrate. Our anniversaries almost never mean going out to dinner, because-- well, dinner out just doesn't mean much to us. Homemade just tastes better, and going into town is a serious pain for a homebody hermit like me. (People! Socializing! Traffic! Ugh.) The past couple of years we've actually gone to Spokane, primarily for the sake of doing something to mark the occasion. But this year as we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do, I found something out: we always went to Spokane because Rob wanted to make me happy, not because he had any real interest in going. And I always went because I was trying to find some way to celebrate that we actually cared about. I failed. Yes, we're lame. How many people have no interest in recreation or traveling? Us. Two. I definitely think we're loners in this issue.

On a side note, to any family that we saw yesterday: I'd like to impress upon you how special you are that the thought of seeing you actually got me out of the house. And got me to drive two and a half hours to see you. It's kind of a big deal.

...needless to say, we're staying home this year. In fact, when Rob realized that I only insist on trips because I keep trying to find a enjoyable way to give him a break from his busy life, he admitted that what he'd enjoy most is a week at home without any mention of the projects I have for him to work on. Hmph.

So we compromised. We're staying home, I'm attempting not to bring up the Honey Do list, and we're buying a couch.

Yes, a couch. Our couch is getting-- well, disgusting. Too much ammo gauging, puppies (not currently), and dinners eaten on it, I suppose. It's getting a really attractive layer of grunge on it. And while it's a nicely mushy couch, it gives me headaches to sit on it. Apparently Goldilocks was right, there is such a thing as too soft of a chair...

As such, I've been lobbying for one for awhile, but it's been slow going, as is any expenditure of such extent. We went hunting for one several weeks back and found an ideal option, but since it's just crazy talk to buy when you go shopping (as opposed to going home, thinking about it, verifying it's not a whim, and other weird rational things), we didn't put an order in for it.

But an anniversary-- that's called leverage, and justification for implementing something big which thus far has only been wishful thinking. Of course, this particular anniversary purchase will probably empty our anniversary budget for the next decade. Why, exactly, is furniture so expensive?! (Come to think of it, last year we bought a coffee table while in Spokane for #2 anniversary. Maybe that's the real reason why we don't celebrate birthdays and Christmas: we can't afford to after our anniversaries are done...)

And what did we do on the day of? Worked as usual, then ordered a pizza for Rob to pick up on his way home. Yes, a pizza. That's about the only form of eating out that I actually prefer to the homemade version. It was pretty good. And when I finished off mine, Rob directed me to where he had hidden my dessert: a box of La Chatelaine dark chocolate. Oh, it's bad news, this weakness for dark chocolate that I have...

I can think of worse things.

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  1. Ha! Love it! I am so impressed with the concept of getting a coffee table and now a couch for your anniversaries. I mean, exactly how long would you enjoy an evening out -- even if you could think of something you would both enjoy? A few days' worth of anticipation plus the evening itself plus the memories for a couple days = six days, max. And six months later, you'd struggle to remember what you did for your anniversary.

    Nope, furniture you really need is the perfect way to celebrate. Can't wait to see it!