Saturday, December 14, 2013

Are you sure you want me to go shopping with you?

Today, Tanner's inner manly seamstress came out. He decided to make himself a hunting tent (that's the manly part) out of a large chunk of canvas that he would drape over a rope tied between two trees and stake to the ground. That meant he had to sew on loops for the stakes to go through (that's the seamstress part). So we discussed the game plan, got everything he needed (including heavy-duty needles), and today was the day he was going to start working on it.

After getting out of bed at eleven (no judging...Wade was being a stinker again), he set to work pinning and such, and was about to get going when he realized that the thread in the bobbin was lime green.

"Uhh, honey? Do you have any black?"

Ha. Me? Nope. Lime green, yes. Red, yes. Gold, yes. Even brown. But to have black on hand would be entirely too rational, so of course, I don't have it. And besides, a project like his probably needed a heavy duty thread, rather than the stuff I have that's basically for blankets and such. I told him so, and we concluded that a trip to Jo-Ann's was necessary. The problem? Wade was still sleeping--apparently a hobby he retains for the daylight hours--so I offered to stay home so Tanner could leave earlier.

"Can you actually come with me? I have no idea what I'm looking for."  Little did he know, that little plea ended up signing away the rest of his afternoon. We waited for Wade to wake up, then packed him up and set out. But why make a trip into town for just one tiny spool of thread? So, as we gathered up diapers and burp cloths and three tons of baby paraphernalia, I suggested that we also do our Christmas shopping! Each of us had been given the name of a family member to buy a gift for but hadn't gotten around to buying them yet, even with Christmas and the arrival of our gift recipients fast approaching. So we added a stop at the mall to our list, along with a run by Big R and Ace just in case our first option didn't yield good results (my person is Eldon, my father-in-law, and Tanner suggested something manly, like tools).

We ended up going to Big R first. Didn't find anything of interest as far as gifts go, but as we passed the pet section, I turned to Tanner. "Hey, haven't we been thinking about getting Harley a crate? They're still on sale!" We left a hundred dollars lighter, and no closer to our ultimate goal of gifts and thread. We did, however, have some very tasty looking pig ears.

Next stop was Jo-Ann's, and yes, we got our thread. I also got some Junior Mints, because I hate checking out with just one itty bitty little thing. I know, I've got issues.

After that was the mall, at which we planned to hit up Bed Bath and Beyond. We did get there eventually, but because I'd had to park on the far end of the parking lot, we had to walk by Big Lots on the way, and since I had never been there, I swung in. "Hey Tanner! They have pet beds! We need to get one for the crate, so we don't have to deal with her spreading towels (her current bedding) all over the place." Ka-ching.

We finally got to BB&B, but didn't find what we were looking for, so we voyaged deeper into the mall to try out other stores where we successfully found absolutely nothing. Except that we meandered a little too close to the pretzel shop, so we had to make a quick side trip. Last stop at the mall was Ross, and, much to Tanner's delight (and my surprise) I actually behaved myself.

Finally, we made it to Ace, our last stop of the day (Tanner hoped). As we pulled into the parking lot, I realized that since I'm planning to paint my cupboards in the near future, I'm going to need some sandpaper and paint. So after putting up with much moaning and groaning from that dear spouse of mine, I dragged him to the paint counter. We didn't have to wait long before the employees in charge of that area showed up. I believe it says something about how often I've frequented that store for paint that they both greeted me by name and had to ooh and ahh over Wade, because the last time they saw me, I was still pregnant. After chatting a bit, I got my paint and let Tanner lead the way out. I'd had my fun.

So now, here we are, five hours after we originally left the house, and Tanner has finally set to work using his thread. From the sounds of it, he's savagely murdering my sewing machine, and every now and again, I hear him loudly describing how hard it is, and how he needs to take a break because his backside is sweating. Harder than going shopping with me, though? I doubt it. You'll be glad to know that we did end up with two gifts, as well as his thread, although I did forget to mention that we needed wrapping paper before we left town...

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