Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cinnamon Rolls!

Tanner's family is coming to visit this weekend for Christmas, so I've been doing a bunch of preparatory cooking and baking this week (better to do it now so I'm not torn between needing to cook and wanting to spend time with my company, I figure). Today's feat was cinnamon rolls. I love them but haven't had them in a while because they are kind of time consuming. Because of that,whenever I do make them, I make a bunch and freeze them for later use.

I have to warn you ahead of time, these are a little high maintenance. You'll need a scale, because ourdad came up with this recipe, and his mind doesn't measure in cups and tablespoons. You'll also need a stand mixer with a dough hook. This recipe has you mix for up to eight minutes at a time--I wouldn't want to do that by hand--and a regular paddle picks up too much dough at a time and really strains the mixer, even on low.

Okay, here goes!

Cinnamon Rolls
(Measured in grams)

543g Flour
87g Sugar
11g Yeast
7g salt
3g Baking soda
82g Butter, room temp
125g Buttermilk
109g Water
54g Egg*

*One egg is approximately 50g. Use extra yolk (not white) if necessary.

Thankfully, you don't have to worry about specific ingredient orders in this one. Dump it all together in a mixing bowl! This (the picture below) is how I usually weigh all of mine--place your mixing bowl directly on the scale and zero it out, then add each ingredient to the right number of grams and zero out again. Or you could just do the math, but that can be a royal pain and, in my case, inaccurate to boot!

I found out this time that my scale's weight limit of five pounds gets reached pretty easily when making a double batch. I never had an issue with it, making single batches, but this is the first time I've attempted a double. Lesson learned!

Anyway, this is what your ingredients will look like when you've got them all dumped together!

Here's the high maintenance part: Mix on low for three minutes, then let it rest for six, and mix again (on low still) for another eight. I'm not sure what this does, but Dad assures me it's important, and (as he's kind of the bread expert in our family) I tend to believe him. At this point, you can stick the dough in the fridge for up to three days to finish up at a later time.

Let it rise for about forty-five minutes, until it's grown by half. Now's the fun part! Drop the dough onto a lightly floured surface (as in, don't do what I did...that was a bit much).

Roll into a large, semi-rectangular shape, about a quarter inch thick (thinner, if you like yours sweeter...that gives you more surface area to cover with goodies).

Smother in butter. Seriously, the more the better, because A) it's tasty, B) it's probably the only nutritious thing about these, and C) the more you have on there, the more goo you get when they're done baking. Yum.

I haven't figured out how to measure how much brown sugar and cinnamon I use, because it differs depending on how you rolled out your dough. I tend to cover the dough with the thinnest layer possible, while still making sure I can't see through it. Tanner thought it was too sweet when I put more than that.

Sprinkle liberally with cinnamon. I took this picture mid-process so you can kind of see the difference.

Roll it up nice and tight...

I think this part is incredibly cool. To cut, take a piece of string (floss works too--that's what I'm using in the picture), slide it under the roll about an inch (or however thick you want your rolls to be), cross the ends, and pull! It slices through, nice and neat and leaves you with a perfect cinnamon roll!


And the finished product! I'm going to be freezing these, like I mentioned earlier, so I've got them in disposable tin pans (I love those things). Don't worry, though...I saved a few out to eat tonight!

All packaged up and ready for the freezer! Can't wait to eat these...can you tell I've got something of a sweet tooth? When you actually bake them, let them raise for at least half an hour prior to baking, then stick them in for twenty minutes at 350.

P.S: Get yourself one of these plastic bowl scrapers. They're fantastic for cleaning up messes like the one I just made. I hate getting a washcloth all gooked up with flour, so this is the perfect alternative.

Excuse me while I go enjoy these. They're calling my name. (Apologies to Kirstyn for not slathering them with frosting...I'll make sure to do that next time!)

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  1. I'm gonna have to try these just for the fun of measuring in grams. I have some cookbooks that do that, but they're in French. So this will be easier than translating AND measuring in grams. :)