Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas time at Kara's!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas this past week! I'm not sure what all Kirstyn did, but mine was fabulous! Tanner's parents, aunt, and sister drove out from Oregon and got here Saturday afternoon to spend the week with us, and we all had a load of fun. There were, of course, baby snuggles all around (he's a popular guy!), and projects accomplished, and loads of food eaten (Kirstyn's biscuit recipe got rave reviews), and many presents were opened.

I found out while they were here just where Tanner got his handiness from; turns out everyone in his family is that way! Joyce and Erica (mom and sister, respectively) got a cute little cabinet pulled apart and sanded, then managed to convince Eldon (dad) and Tanner to glue up the rickety areas so that it'll actually work for a china cabinet later on. All I have left to do now is paint and put glass in the doors, which is incredibly exciting, because, quite honestly, I had had no clue where to start on the whole project. Painting, though...that I can do. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the whole process...kind of bummed about that.

While they were doing that, Karen (aunt) pulled out some canvases and declared she was going to make me some Dr. Seuss pictures to hang in the living room. She claims she's not good at the whole drawing/painting thing (lettering is more her forte, she said), but they turned out phenomenally cute. Now I just have to get Tanner to hang them above the crib for me! The nursery is getting cuter and cuter as little things like that get added to it. The newest two stuffed elephants definitely fit in!

Tanner and Eldon, being completely uninterested in painting pictures of the Lorax, began...wait for it...FRAMING IN THE BASEMENT!!!!!

 I'm psyched. Can you tell? It's fabulous.

So far it's just bare studs, but we've got a bedroom (technically an "office", since there's no egress windows and Tanner has flat out refused to deal with putting those in because of the hassle. Can't say I blame him) and the man cave framed in, and plans to put in a closet under the stairs and wall off the laundry room a little better to put in countertops and cabinets! Obviously my mind is jumping a little further ahead than Tanner's at the moment (I'm mostly interested in the laundry room, honestly), but I'm so excited to have gotten started on it! Now the next time we have this much company, Erica won't be left sleeping on a couch because we'll actually have a bedroom with real beds and lights and everything! To top off all this excitement: after going to breakfast this morning, Tanner went to ProBuild to get drywall to start step two!

And there was much rejoicing in the house of Kara. Merry Christmas to me!

Also, Wade made out like a bandit this year, thanks to doting aunts, uncles, and grandparents. He's now the proud owner of some uber adorable Melissa and Doug toys, along with some more clothes that I honestly can't wait for him to grow into. He's gonna one spoiled (no, that sounds like its a bad thing...maybe pampered is a better word) little boy with all this family loving on him!

By the way...This little boy is getting so big! He's starting to actually turn into a person with real facial expressions and everything. I'm not sure if I should be glad he's getting bigger (because that means he's also getting closer to sleeping through the night) or sad because I kind of want him to stay itty bitty forever. I guess I'll just have to compromise and enjoy every stage as it comes.

 Now that that bunch of family has headed home, I had Mom and Sierra staying the night last night, and Sierra will stay two more nights after that! Monday, she and I head out to meet Kirstyn in Missoula, at which point the three of us are off to Oregon for a week of used bookstore shopping and gingerbread house making (that'll probably have to happen before the first of the year when all those pesky resolutions get in the way of junk food). December and January have been and will be a couple of busy months! Just the way I like it!


  1. Those canvases turned out great! Love them!

  2. We had the best time ever!! Kara and Tanner are great parents already! Kara is an amazing cook, I predict Tanner will be overweight some day, probably sooner than later. Thanks for putting up with us for a whole week.

  3. This just made me laugh; working over holiday get-togethers must be in the Swiss heritage! That's exactly the sort of thing Ken's family does whenever we get together - WORK! Glad it all worked out to your benefit. :)