Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Unresolutions

Being somewhat atypical (or maybe just contrary; that explanation hasn't yet been ruled out), Kirstyn and I do not typically subscribe to the tradition of making new year resolutions, but this year we thought we'd at least mark the event with a new project that caught our interest.

Maybe you've seen it bopping around Pinterest, but here's the general description: you get a series of note cards, one for each day of the year. (We're going with 4x6.) Each day you write just a short sentence of what you did that day. The next year, you repeat the exercise, writing the sentence below that of the previous year. I don't know how many years you could fit on a card, but I bet it'd be pretty neat to see an at-a-glance list of what you've done on April 26th for five years in a row.

In other non-resolution news, this last Sunday, while dressed to the nines in a rather cute outfit, I realized I could no longer "suck in" The Bulge. That used to be something I was fairly proud of, but now it seems no matter where my waistband is at, there's a lump above it. It's gross. Granted, I love this child, but he's done very bad things to my waistline. Also, my jeans don't fit any more, because my hips are about an acre wider than they used to be. Nothing like a post-partum body to make one feel sexy.

So I decided then and there (NOT on New Year's Eve; call it my Unresolved Resolution), that I was going to get rid of this extra flab. As the scale has shown my lack of dominance over this last twenty pounds, I recently broke down and bought two Jillian Michaels DVDs. Wish me luck. I'm kind of a pansy when it comes to exercise, but I'm tired of jiggling every time I walk. I'll probably be dragging Kirstyn and Sierra into this one, because misery loves company, and I plan to be utterly miserable. I may have to hire someone to drag me around on a sled until my legs recover, but I suppose it will be worth it.

In other news, has everybody checked out the New Year New You summit? We posted about it on the Facebook blog page the other day, but don't know how many saw it. It's free to listen to all the presentations, and the line up looks great! They've got speakers on everything from nutrition, health, and diet to fitness, getting out of debt, and ideas for moving forward with your goals, whatever they might be. Listen to some or all, whatever strikes your fancy, but definitely click here to see the lineup of speakers! You likely won't be familiar with all of them, but they're famous bloggers, authors, and speakers, and it'll be great. The way these summits work is that each speaker's presentation is free for 24 hours after it airs, and then for sale after the summit is over. There's no obligation to buy, and I (Kirstyn) never do, but the free listening option is pretty great.

Do you do resolutions or have any non-resolutions? Share in comments!


  1. There was a neat idea that came across my Facebook page last week. When something good happens, write it on a small-ish piece of paper and put it in a quart jar (or use a gallon jar, if you happen to be a particularly optimistic sort of person). At the end of the year, go through them, re-living (or at least recalling) each one. I think I'll try it. At least for a month or so. (Okay, maybe a couple weeks. Whatever.)

  2. To not let myself get so mind cluttered with stuff that doesnt really matter. ( that doesnt fully explain it very well but I know what it means lol)

  3. I know myself well enough to know that I don't stick with things very well when the goal is something tangible. Like losing 20 pounds. If I resolve to do that, guarantee this time next year I'll have gained 20 pounds instead. So I like to stick with more vague resolutions...like continuing to improve my health and fitness level and to be more kind. Those three things are plenty for me to work on this year.