Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Russian Tea

Our family grew up as a bunch of weirdos as far as our classmates could tell. We went to school with whole green peppers and jicama (that's hick-ima...honestly I thought it was spelled that way too, for the longest time) in our lunches by choice. We also loved bran muffins (still do), and ate weird things like breakfast pudding (a cornmeal mash sort of thing...its delish) that most others would turn up their noses at.

Disclaimer: Although the above suggests we ate like health nuts, that was about the extent of our overly-healthy addictions (sorry Mom ;-) )

Another of our weirdnesses was Russian Tea. I have no idea where the recipe came from, but we nearly always had it in our drink cupboard for "cold" winter afternoons (having begun my fifth winter in Montana, I can't help but scoff a little at what I used to think was cold in California). Since our projected high temperatures are ranging in the negatives this week, I decided it was a good time to whip up a batch! Little did I know that this would take three hours, between feeding Wade, packing him up, driving on treacherously icy roads, and wandering around the most poorly laid out grocery store in the state of Montana for an hour looking for the five ingredients I needed. Now that I've actually got a mug of it in my hand, all that is forgotten. Kind of.

These are the ingredients for which I braved the elements. Wouldn't you know it, I had not a single one of these in my cupboards. Actually that's not a huge surprise. I've been doing a bit too much Thanksgiving baking/cooking, so of course I was out of the spices; the others just don't really have a purpose in my cupboards (instant tea is kind of blasphemous) until I get it in my head to make Russian Tea.

First up, one cup of instant tea.

A cup and a half of lemonade...

A cup and a half of Tang...

A teaspoon of cinnamon, and half a teaspoon of cloves! Mix it all together, and you're ready to go!

Use about one tablespoon per glass of hot water.

It's wonderful stuff. I suggest making a mug and drinking it with a good book in front of a wood stove and snub the frigid outdoors. That's what I'm going to be doing the rest of the afternoon!


  1. I just sent my friend that recipe the other day. She loves it. It took a while to convince her to actually try it lol

  2. With reference to your semi-healthy upbringing, I made broccoli, too. Remember that time? And baby carrots? They made great missiles, as I recall.

  3. I loved Russian Tea as a child. I don't think I've had it ever since. I guess I pretty much forgot all about it. Thanks for this recipe. I'm going to try it, soon!

    Betty Fig