Friday, December 13, 2013

Start YOUR Real Food Journey! (Giveaway!)

Today's post was actually scheduled to be a description of how we eat, in greater detail than has been mentioned in the first and second part of this Real Food Journey series. But...we decided it might be more fun to just HOST A GIVEAWAY for the book that started it all in the first place! So hold on to your hats, because we're providing you with a chance to enter up to four times in this giveaway!

So what is Nourishing Traditions about? The cover says "The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition" can you not just love that already?! Honestly, it's worth having on your shelf, because even if you only ever read the first section, it'll start to change the way you look at and deal with food. The first section is detailed information on nutrient groups, and if you aren't already familiar with what it describes, it may turn everything you know about food upside down. In a good way, of course...actually, in the best way.  :-) The rest of the book is made up of recipes, but every page has more information on it in addition to the recipe itself.

While it's not the only nutrition book you'll ever own, it's a great one to start with. I consider it a "gateway book" in that once you read it, you'll want to find more books of similar "flavor". And it seems pretty likely that future giveaways will do just that...  ;-)

So how do you enter?

1. Please click this link to find out a little more about the book!

2. Using the Rafflecoptor widget below, enter yourself into the giveaway. There are four ways to enter, although only one of them is mandatory. Doing the other three will drop your name in the "hat" once more for each option.

First of all (mandatory), drop us a comment and let us know what your favorite kind of blog post is to read! We keep plugging along day after day but we'd really super muchly totally love to have feedback on what floats your boat! Half the fun of blogging is knowing you're providing material that people find helpful and meaningful, so give us a hand and help us know what's meaningful to YOU!

Second, click on the link in the Rafflecoptor widget to go to our Facebook page and "Like" it! After you "like" it, make sure to mouse over the "Liked" button at the top of the page and click "Get Notifications", so you don't miss any updates about new posts!

The other two entry options have to do with our new Twitter account, which is sadly in need of followers. If you have a Twitter account, you can earn extra spots in the hat by tweeting about our blog (anything, not just this giveaway, and please include a link!) or following our Twitter account.

This giveaway lasts a week, (ends at midnight, December 20) and the winner will be posted on the blog as well as contacted personally.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

DISCLAIMER: No purchase is necessary, and no costs will incur for the winner. Please do not enter unless you are sincerely interested in the book, as it will diminish odds for those who are.


  1. Well for whatever reason it didnt et me writ a comment but it says I did. I shall write one here instead. I particularly like tried and true recipes. The thing I dislike about cooking (other than dishes) is finding new recipe when mine get boring :)

  2. OK, this I'd try 3 to leave a comment so it's the shortened version. I very much enjoy the how tos and the recipes. kudos for actually making this a lifestyle!! Julie Leibrand

  3. Oops. I clicked "commented" before I left a comment. Anyways, my favorite posts are, um, well, all of them? Ok, that's not helpful to you. I'll try again. I love the posts about nutrition - what nutrients are in the foods we eat, and why we should eat those foods - the posts about bone broth and gelatin to be specific.

  4. I really like your story into the real food world and the "how to" i.e. bone broth. I like the clear, step by step instructions. :)

  5. I enjoy the "how to's" because you take the guess work out of everything for me so I will actually be able to do it. We all (family) enjoy the funny stories. I also like the nutrition info as I don't have enough time to read all the books necessary to glean that much info. And you put it into simple terms.

  6. My favorites to read are "How To's" regarding cooking, gardening, house work, etc. I read your blogs to learn :). I am most likely to Share a link that pertains to a How To or a recipe. Keep them coming! The intermingled personal ones are fun, too, since I know you both!

  7. ...can't forget to add the nutrition aspect that I love learning about :) I like learning about the real way to make things (vinegar, broth, cream of ____ soups) so they are healthier. I appreciate the nutritional knowledge that you've shared.

  8. I love the basics of working real food into your life - the more hands-on, the better.

    Susan Olson

  9. I like the variety of your posts. I enjoy your real food journey - it's one I've tried to move toward. But the slice-of-life posts can be entertaining and are part of life, too. :) I tend to be a lurker, but I also understand that an occasional comment is encouraging to the author. So I'll try to be more encouraging in that respect. :)

    Also, Kirstyn - I learned relatively recently that spices and herbs add a lot of flavor to food and pack a greater micronutrient punch than fruits and vegetables. I would recommend checking out this book: The few recipes I've tried haven't impressed my family, but it has been invaluable in learning which spices to add to what kinds of dishes. Thought you might find it helpful, too.

    1. You're right, the comments are hugely encouraging, so thanks! :-)

      You know, I can honestly say I've never thought twice about spices as regards health, except for the salt/sea salt issue. I do have a vague interest in herbs and some knowledge of their benefits, so it doesn't come as a surprise that spices can make similar claims. I'll check into the book, thanks for the suggestion!