Saturday, December 7, 2013

What a crazy coupla days!

My brain is running on half power lately. I think its because the last two nights have involved more awake time than asleep time. Its a pretty lame ratio.

The first night can be blamed on this cutie. (Wade, not Tanner)

Speaking of cute, its an awfully good thing he is...I won't eternally resent him for waking me up six times that night instead of his usual two. He does this thing where he'll get really hungry for about eight hours and demand to be fed every hour or so. Its completely random as to whether this little occurrence happens during daylight hours or while I'm supposed to be catching some shut eye. You can pretty easily guess how it went this time. Even though Tanner took the first feeding--he has been for the last week, and its been fabulous-- it didn't do much good this time around, as Wade decided the first course should be served half an hour after we got to sleep. That meant that round two took place at the time the first usually does, and I didn't catch a break.

That was a pretty good clue as to how the rest of the night was to go. Needless to say, not a lot of sleep was had that night, and my brain was nicely fried the next day. Welcome to parenthood, right? Well the nice thing about being a stay-at-home is the ability to nap whenever the heck I feel like it. So I did! I tried, anyway. The first time around, I got to sleep half an hour into Wade's nap, and twenty minutes later was awoken by the most bloodcurdling scream I've ever heard come out of him. I was half convinced I was going to find a snake in the bassinet with him or some other horrible situation. Nope, turns out he startled himself awake, cried for ten seconds, and went back to sleep. With my nerves now fried as well, there was no way I was getting back to sleep. Another napping opportunity got completely wasted because I lay there half awake waiting for it to happen again for an hour before finally getting up. So I went to bed last night hoping for normalcy so I could catch up some shut-eye.

As far as Wade goes, I got my wish! But Tanner then got called on an outage right around midnight (minutes before his turn at bat, lucky guy). As long as the feedings were normal, though, I could deal with that. But then....then I got a call at 3:30 from him saying that the power was out, it was thirty below, and he needed me to go get a fire going in the wood stove in the basement to keep the pipes from freezing. Also, it was probably going to get too cold upstairs to sleep, so I should take Wade down there with me to sleep, or go to a hotel somewhere. That did it...I was completely awake. I quickly packed up everything a family of seven could possibly need to survive a nuclear holocaust, and hauled it (along with Wade and Harley) downstairs. 

We spent the night curled up on the couch in front of  the fireplace. It was actually pretty cozy considering the circumstances. Tanner called every hour or two, keeping me updated, and, after a couple false starts, got the power back on around eleven this morning. Saving my tush from the cold didn't mean the end of his day, though...he got home around four after fixing a couple more small things and (oh joy) doing the paperwork for the whole night. He barely made it to the bed before crashing completely. Poor guy. That's what he gets for working in Montana, I guess.

So that's been my weekend so has yours been? Hopefully it has included more sleep than mine so far!

Oh, also...just had to share this uber adorable picture.

She kind of likes him. Maybe the puppy/baby thing wasn't such a bad idea...


  1. Adorable pic :) Lmk if you decide either of those cuties are up for adoption!!! Hoping to see you guys when we are there in a couple weeks! Dec 21/22ish

  2. Um, that picture hurts to look at. It's too cute.

  3. Sounds like you guys handled things just fine. I sure was thinking about both of you -- Tanner out in the 30-below cold and you glued to the woodstove in the basement. Brought back some similar-ish memories.