Thursday, January 9, 2014

I've got cold feet...

I'm a person that loves being warm (we're talking five blankets on the bed warm) but that gets cold way too easily. Last night proved this point perfectly.

As we've been having something of a warm spell lately (it hits 40 every now and again), I decided that last night was the perfect night to finish off the peppermint ice cream that's been waiting in the freezer for just such an occasion. It took me quite a while to finish--yes, there was quite a bit while I was stuffing my face, Tanner went to bed. For some reason, by the time I had finished, I was a little chilly, so curling up under the covers sounded fantastic. That's exactly what I did!

I discovered a strange phenomenon upon crawling into bed, however...turns out, if a cold body is anywhere near a warm one--one that has been laying in bed for twenty minutes, for example--there occurs a certain kind of magnetic pull. I suddenly found myself wrapped around my poor husband, attempting to warm up my feet and, unfortunately for him, the hand that had, until recently, been holding my ice cream bowl. There escaped from him an unearthly howl at that point and he squirmed as close to his edge of the bed as he could (within a half inch, I'm fairly certain), but that magnet thing I touched on earlier is pretty stinking strong. He never did manage to get rid of me, and finally gave up.

After a while, he tried to push me back to my side, since I was a little warmer, and I nearly gave in at that point, but changed my mind. "Nope. Nopenopenope. Nope, not happening. My side is COLD!"

"So was my side when I got in! You can deal with it. Now get over there!!"

"Nope. Not happening."

He gave up again for a while. Eventually, I decided I'd been mean long enough, so I let go and scootched back to my side. And scootched. And scootched some more. But I didn't move because Tanner had apparently decided to try out some reverse psychology.

"Umm, honey?"


"Can I move over now?"


Life in our household is a little dysfunctional at times.


  1. I think I understand all too well....only its usually me that has the bed all warmed up first :-) I also, ah, relate to the peppermint chocolate ice cream addiction just a bit....haven't had any in way too long, tho

  2. They make amazing electric mattress pads that will warm up before you get into bed

  3. ah hahahaha! I had to read this one out loud for Stephanie and Roberta. We all concluded, "Poor Tanner!" ;-)

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