Friday, January 10, 2014

This Way to the Ministry of Magic

For five years, there has been a random toilet sitting in our basement.

Actually, I think it's been longer than that. But for as long as I've known my husband, there has been a random toilet sitting in our basement.

I didn't know why it was there. I didn't know why my husband refused to get rid of it. I didn't know where it came from. It looked like it was in perfectly good shape, thank you very much; it just never had a purpose.

I was wrong.

Today I opened the lid, and this is what I found:

Everything makes so much sense now.


  1. Seriously?? So . . . being only a half-hearted Harry Potter fan, I need to be educated. Is flushing yourself a form of travel sort of like flue dust?

  2. Kinda...there was a specific bathroom (with multiple stalls) where Ministry employees could flush themselves to work. :-) Not just any toilet would work, and you couldn't go just anywhere.

  3. So does your husband get a lot of flack from his wizard friends for having married a muggle?

    1. My husband hasn't even read the books...HE'S the Muggle in this relationship. The heathen. :-)