Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Crock Pot Pork Chops

Ladies (and gents, if you're the dinner-making kind), prepare yourselves for the easiest crockpot meal out there. Three ingredients total, four if you count the crock pot, and, as it's meat-based, it will satisfy any hard-working husband out there. Ready? Batten down the hatches, and here we go!

You will need:

One pork chop per family member, plus one or two for leftovers to be taken for lunches the next day. This equals three, in our household.

On a related note, I learned a little lifehack since I started making this. Sam's sells their pork chops in packs of nine, but freezing them in their original package makes for a lot of work when it comes time to separate them. So I started wrapping them individually in plastic wrap so that I could just pull out as many as I needed when the time came. The plastic wrap was a little hard to get off the frozen meat until I figured out that running it under water as I unwrapped worked wonders. Apparently it doesn't stick well when it's wet!

Moving on...

Ranch dressing powder. I got this at Sam's (hence the rather large size), but you can also get it in packets. Or make your own, using this recipe.

And a can of Cream of Chicken soup! (You can always make your own, using Kirstyn's recipe)

Then start combining! I use about a tablespoon of Ranch mix per pork chop, but I've gotten to the point where I don't actually measure it anymore. A healthy coat works pretty well!

Then dollop the soup on top, leaving it undiluted. There's no need to make sure every inch is covered, because as it heats, it becomes runny and ends up coating everything anyway.

Cover and cook for six hours on low or four hours on high. I love the short cooking time on this, because even if I forget to get supper going until lunchtime, I still have time to make these! Forget waking up at five in the morning because your planned meal needs twelve hours to cook!

When they come out, serve them over rice or mashed potatoes with the "gravy" that has cooked down spooned over the top, and prepare to swoon!

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  1. Seems like this would work with chicken, too. Yeah, you should probably try it and get back to us with the results. :-)