Saturday, February 1, 2014

Harley the Klutz

It's no secret that pets have one purpose in life: to wrack up as many vet bills as is possible. Harley is no different, except that she started a little earlier than any of my previous pets have done!

Sigh...remember when she used to be small enough to cuddle?
I don't.
See, she has this friend, Koda, who is another Lab belonging to our neighbor, Mike. He's an awesome guy, and will frequently pull her over the fence to his yard for play dates. This probably won't last much longer, as she weighs 50 pounds now, and is only five months old. I think we're destined to have a huge dog. But I digress. She and Koda have become such good buddies, now, that Harley has begun to think it's acceptable to invite herself over! She has found the place that Charlie used to jump, to get into the back half of the yard, as well as a hole under the fence into Mike's yard from there.

So, last Saturday evening, you can guess where I found her. Talk about embarrassing, but he was very nice about the whole thing (remind me to take him another batch of cinnamon rolls). As we stood there chatting, he noticed a little cut on her back leg, undoubtedly given her by the slightly ragged fence she had hopped. It wasn't bleeding much, so we didn't think much of it. Apparently it was just in a place that didn't bleed much, though, because upon closer inspection, we realized it was a gash about three inches long! Good grief.

So, Monday morning, I took her in to the vet. It hadn't seemed to bother her much, so I decided to hold out in hopes it would just heal on its own. When it started turning weird colors, I changed my mind. That night, I picked up one very loopy puppy that just really couldn't figure out how to work her cone.

Even now, five days later, she hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. Almost every time I let her out into the back yard via the sliding glass door, she tries to take off before it's open far enough, and catches both sides of the cone on the way out! Don't even ask about coming up the stairs from the basement...she manages to snag the bottom of it on every other stair. Our house was pretty small for a Lab in the first place, but now that we've added a whole 'nother factor to the situation, it's almost laughable. At the rate she's been going, I doubt she'll have much of a cone left before long...and we'll have scratches on every wall and piece of furniture in the house.

There is, however, one good thing about all of this (although I'm sure Harley would disagree). It happened just in time for the snowstorm that dumped five or six inches of snow on us. Normally, shoveling the sidewalks would be a huge pain, but now, all I have to do is drag a treat along the ground in front of her nose!

Of course, we were also instructed to give her antibiotics, because it had gotten infected (oops), and wouldn't you know it, she absolutely hates them. So, twice a day we wage war--me trying to get one little green pill far enough back on her tongue that she can't spit it out, while she flatly refuses to swallow. Usually, I just give in and give her a little piece of bread (I swore I'd never give her human food) so that she'll eat it and take the pill down with it.


Five days down, nine to go. Stay strong, Kara. Stay strong.


  1. I used to give our old dog her pills wrapped In a piece of cheese which seemed to work nicely, as she always snarfed it right down

  2. What, no pictures of the cool wound? What's up with that?

    1. Umm...I didn't wanna scare anyone off lol. I think I may have lost friends on Facebook when I put up pictures of Cady's gouge!

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  3. You should keep her cone even after she heals and then you could continue to use it for shoveling snow...