We're both stay-at-homes, we both like to cook, we both try to garden, we both hate cleaning bathrooms, we both like books, both married hard workin' guys that we think are quite the catch...

...but one of us is a nutrition nut, only one of us has kids, we live in different towns, are at different points on the learning curve for cooking and gardening, have entirely different pets, and are somehow completely similar opposites in our attempts to do married and family life the old fashioned way.

Hey folks, I'm Kara, the younger, slightly less sophisticated one. (I blame it on being a middle child.) My husband and I got married on July 2, 2012 at the ripe old ages of nineteen and twenty-one. Eight months in, we found out we were expecting the first of our spawn--a boy, due November 22nd! He decided to show up on the 14th, though, and now we're the proud (slightly biased) parents of the cutest little boy ever made. And his name is Wade.

So now, I'm a stay-at-home mom! My days are spent policing a Lab puppy (and doing penance with a bottle of pet stain remover when I get lax in my duties), cuddling my uber snuggly baby, and keeping my hard-working husband fat and happy. Though I've graduated my first year of marriage, I'm still learning the fine arts of housekeeping and cooking, and am often met with, uh, unexpected results.

Kirstyn has been slowly turning me into--not a foodie, exactly, but I think that's what she's aiming for in the long run. As a result, you folks are going to get to watch me try to get a garden going next year for the first time ever!

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...and hello from Kirstyn, the other sister.  I'm not entirely sure what this "sophisticated" business is about, because honestly there's nothing less sophisticated than having chickens get schmutz on your shirt every morning (they'd stop if I stopped picking them up, I'm pretty sure) or having to scrape beeswax off your counters after yet another candle experiment. It's an elegant life.

I'm a stay-at-home wife to my best friend, a miniature farmsteader with chickens, an ever growing garden, and a perfectly inexplicable love for doing things the old fashioned way in my kitchen-- and possibly most everywhere else.  I'm an avid reader but generally enjoy non-fiction to fiction unless it's fiction I've read a million times already; I love a happy ending.  I'm shamelessly devoted to my goofy flock of chickens and a complete sucker for cliche past-times like reading a book...with tea...in front of a fire. It's the little things.

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